Welcome to Long Dog Cards aka Ingrid KV Hardy!

Here are ALL the links to everywhere Long Dog and PiP Podcast are, as well as a list of projects I have participated in, or are currently under production. Occasionally these projects are solo – such as the Beauty of Horses – most others so far are group projects, and the names of the companies are listed beside the project!

New for 2023

  • Ancient Egypt – To Be Announced, with RRParksCards and Long Dog Cards – Currently in progress
  • Nosferatu Series 3 – with RRParks, RJF Image/Design, Attic, Leg Day Cards, Long Dog Cards – Currently in progress…
  • Dragons – Kickstarter – There are now a few true master sets available in my store, but the total number is extremely low, no more than 19.
  • Beauty of Horses – Kickstarter – Done, shipped, now available in my store.
  • Commission list is momentarily on hold while I finish what is currently on my list 🙂

Below is a quick look at various pieces I’ve painted in the past. There is also a gallery page where more and more samples are being added.

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