Dragons Special Venue!

Beginning Monday August 7th and ending August 14th (for SEVEN DAYS ONLY) there will be a Special Venue for Dragons’ Kickstarter backers only. Kickstarter backers get special prices, first picks, all that good stuff.

After that, leftovers will be made public! They’ll be available directly through me, or through Messenger, email, and probably Etsy, while I get the store set up here.

If you are on Facebook, please join the Long Dog Group to keep up with announcements, share you card pulls, see what cards others have pulled and might have available. As I write this the group has just over 140 members! We also sometimes share posts from RRParksCards, Leg Day Cards (my podcast co-host Lindsey Greyling), RJF Image/Design, Attic Cards, Perna Studios, and others.

Join us! We have (virtual) cookies!